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Architectural 3D Rendering Price Guide 2021

Updated: Mar 21, 2021

Price Guide To Architectural 3D Rendering by Render3DStation

What Factors Play a Role in 3d Rendering cost?

When you sell your 3d Rendering Service, you'll always be asked about the price and how you came up with it. Whatever concept you chose, pricing is always unpredictable. All customers demand a high-quality service at a low price, regardless of their point of view.

As a customer, your top priority is to get a final quote from the 3d rendering business, and to make sure that all of your specifications are included. Since not all businesses generate high-quality visuals, their prices can appear low and fair. In general, having a great picture means higher pricing, and 3d designers have many variables to consider when determining pricing.

Factors are:

1. Software being use

2. Office Tools

3. Complexity of work

4. Time

5. Image Size

6. Quality

However, Render3dStation gives you the reasonable cost with its fast turn around and high-quality renderings.

What is the price of 3D rendering?

The cost of the Render3dStation is calculated by the amount of work needed, the image resolution, the information given to us, and the scope of the project. If you need several images for the same project, you can get a better deal on 3D rendering by using the lowest numbers mentioned below.

Price Guide: (in CAD - Canadian Dollar)

Residential Exterior

(House & Apartments) From $400 to $1500/view

(High rise) From $800 to $2500/view

Residential Interior

From $400 to $900/view

Commercial Exterior

From $600 to $2500/view

Commercial Interior

From $600 to $1,800/view

3D Floor Plan

From $400 to $1000/level

3D Walk through Animation

From $25 to $35/second

This price includes two free rendered previews with landscape, lighting, and textures. We make sure that the content is complete in the previews to illustrate the purpose before final rendering.

Things To Watch out for:

As previously mentioned, 3d Rendering Companies can be paid at a range of rates depending on whether you are a buyer or a developer. Affordability can never be the only concern when making a final decision. When assessing a company's bid, however, there are many considerations to consider:

1. Many businesses will easily price it, but pay attention to how it was done. Less effort is typically placed into lower-priced products. So double-check the services included in the price.

2.When requesting a quote, provide accurate information. As a result, the team will be able to build the picture exactly as you want it with fewer revisions.

3. In today's dynamic market climate, businesses aim to please their consumers. If you come across a business that is trying to sell you a good picture for a low price, ask for their records. To attract buyers, many businesses use photographs created by former employees or by different individuals.

4. A good customer and contact service is a must when choosing a business. If you go for the cheapest alternative, you could end up with a lot of revisions.

Email us now (, we will attend to you as soon as we can. Avail of our fast turn-around, affordable and high-quality 3d Renderings.

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