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Updated: Apr 26, 2021

As part of your marketing approach, have you considered using 3D rendering? As you can see, the development of property is currently a tricky business, with many developers struggling to achieve financial closure. Upheavals in the housing market contribute to an over-supply of homes, and as local banks tighten their belts, funding goes offshore.

Many property investors are exiting the market due to a lack of buyer confidence and financing, as they fight to finalize sales and await events. Fast competition and even tighter profits mean that every developer or expert in property marketing needs to think beyond the box and 3D graphics come into play here.

3D is a tool that can potentially make the difference between selling or staring down the barrel of a really long marketing campaign.

How will 3D rendering help a successful deal?

HD photography is a given, but since it fills the gap between flat 2D images and being able to walk around a finished apartment, there is also an increasing need for 3D visuals. Essentially, when you sell off-the-plan apartments, you ask buyers to imagine living in an apartment that doesn't exist yet, and that's impractical for several buyers.

Any experienced property marketer or developer knows that, particularly if you are trying to sell off-the-plan apartments, visual imagery plays a major role in any sale. In fact, it's all about the images and interactions you can build in the minds of potential customers for these types of sales, so you need the best possible resources to achieve these results.

A way to turn the intangible into a real-world experience is what consumers need, because they don't have to imagine living in space, they can really see where their furniture is going to be put. It's similar to VR, except they don't switch around, they just see the apartment in 3D. If you are still not persuaded that this is a tactic you can use for your marketing purposes, let's look at some of the other advantages that can be realized during the production of the tender and design phases.

3D rendering advantages for off-the-plan apartments

Incorporating these renderings into the marketing campaigns has three distinct advantages.

1. Easier Council approvals: Councils are often unable to envision a development, making the approval process windy, complex and frustrating for a long time. This approach is streamlined by using 3D graphics, allowing councilors to really 'see' the creation come to life in front of them and potentially smooth the way for acceptance by the council.

2. Easier finance: Developers usually need to sell 80% of their off-the-plan apartments to allow them to get financing. Banks are tightening their belts, as described earlier, and borrowers find it more difficult to obtain mortgages. Also, considering the uncertainty in the market, they are less likely to buy off-the-plan apartments.

3. Easier method of design: While architects, builders and interior designers imagine a property from the plans very well, 3D visuals make it much easier. Using these methods, errors can be detected easily, it is easy to spot blocks to the flow through the apartment, and the whole design can be put together much more fluidly.

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