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How do you normally present buyers with your projects?

Close a little your eyes. Take a deep breath and think: When you hear the word "salesman" what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Have you? Now let me examine the way my mind reads today: Maybe the figure of a little man, probably bald, came to you with a suitcase in her hand and a false smile on her face. Was I close? What do I close? If I was, then I fear that the 'old salesman' concept contains you. Let me say a little more about him to you:

"Homo salectus," too, lives in a hostile environment in which he relies on his ability to communicate with customers. The challenge is to find your goals a bit close and avoid speaking out and, in many cases, react quite aggressively by not picking up your phone or ignoring e-mails, which in extreme cases can lead to hunger for our hero.

Anybody can be this seller. You can sell insurance, credit cards and even new products. The important thing is that sales strategies are better than the long and boring discourse to which nobody listens. And not everybody who tries to sell something must look like that.

For architects, designers and developers of real estate who are working with the sales, their creations have been made up of a heavy set of handmade drawings, a briefcase filled with scrolled buildings and complex architecture models made up of foam and plastic figures that will be arranged after the pitch.

Fortunately, the Homo salectus is near extinction, which is very much related to a major discovery that supports its social evolution. This new equipment is called 3d rendering and its entire hunting system is redefined. Modern tools make it much more specific, creative, and interesting and make it easier for them to catch their love.

In fact, three out of ten sales professionals are still trying to show possible buyers their projects based on the quality of their pitching skills nowadays. They are Homo salectus still, and it is no longer trustworthy.

A speech-supported square leaves many doubts as to whether the entire project is conceptualized. A pitch supported by a complete rendering of your architectural model, real estate development or product, makes the right choice and the decision to purchase much easier for the customer.

For this reason, the RENDER3DSTATION will continue to promote the evolution of the daily sales pitch, which will serve as a bridge to everyone. You will be surprised by the products: 3D Rendering, for architecture and interior designs, Real Estate and 3D Animation.

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