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Guide on how to start Architectural 3d Rendering Studio without spending too much money

Updated: Apr 14, 2021

You might be an Architectural 3d artist or 3d rendering might be your hobby and you want to start your own studio but is hesitant to pull up too much cash. Well this is the best guide you can read on how to start your own 3d Rendering Studio without breaking your bank.

A lot of Architects or designers right now have been fascinated with the 3d world and became their hobby. Some became a full time 3d artist serving architectural firms. There are also a lot of known 3d rendering studio being owned by a previously Architect and became a full time 3d Artist.

Now I want you to read this full article; 6 Steps to make your own 3d Rendering studio without spending money:

1. Make your own collection of 3d Rendered image using free 3d Software

In today's cutting-edge business environment and 24/7 news and information cycles the brand image is everything. Irrespective of whether you're in the industry, you need a solid brand to stand out and attract the attention of customers.

Here are some tips on how to produce and manage your first 3d Rendering images:

Pick a free 3d Modeling & 3d Rendering software:

Many professional 3d programs or software, which you most probably never use or need, are packed up with features.

But do not worry, a lot of 3D modelling software is designed for beginners – we have chosen the software you can find relatively easily. They are less functional, good image output and can be used freely as a starting platform.

Best free tools for Architectural 3d Visualization:

Known Free 3d Modeling tools-

Known Free 3d Rendering tools-

Identify your key customers

When defining your audiences, it is important to be very specific. The groups that you are aiming for need clarity in developing an effective marketing strategy, which will address their unique needs and concerns directly.

Some images you want to start creating:

Make a stunning Architectural 3d Rendered Image

The Web is increasingly visualizing. The Internet slang has been replaced by emoticons. 60% more clicks are obtained from local search results which include images. And images carry more weight than product information for 67% of consumers.

List of things to consider in doing your 3d rendered image:

  • your own 3d model should be good enough before final render

  • use high quality textures

  • model the environment or landscape

  • make a mood (morning, day, dawn, night)

  • compare your image to competitors and see what you are lacking

Make a collection of different types of image you can provide

A variety of 3d Rendered image solutions and animations are available today, helping modern artists explain their ideas to their customers and diversify their service

Types of images you can provide:

2. Make a free website

A website for portfolios is a unique way of displaying and letting others know about themselves. It is like a constantly green platform for your 3d projects, case studies, and service information. Moreover, it is one of the best ways of expressing your personality, experience and skills.

Start on a free website

Many site builders, you guess, provide your own website with free plans. You don't have to worry about web space because they are hosted in the cloud. All you need is a web browser and a computer, such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Edge. Start gathering your 3d Rendered images and any information you can give for your website.

Our favourites: Free Web Builders:

Make a really good Home page

How about selling a house with an overgrown garden, cracks on the entrance, and a broken doorway? No bids, right? This is precisely why you need the best website homepage showing your best 3d work.

See sample of an Architectural 3d Rendering home page HERE

Make a blog

The best time to find out how to start an 3d Rendering art blog is now if you are a 3d artist. The party is not over and there is nothing you have missed. Blogging takes time and effort, but you will have great success with it if you do it consistently. Blogging has essentially timeless benefits.

Things to consider when blogging:

  • Select a great name.

  • You want to choose a blog platform.

  • Write readable posts.

  • Please post regularly.

  • Bring readers back.

See samples here for Architectural 3d Rendering blogs HERE

3. Market your 3d Rendering service

To succeed in your 3d Rendering Service business, you must learn how to explain your work and connect it with your audience.

Learning how to write and talk to potential customers about your 3d images helps potential customers understand why your 3d Rendering Service is needed in their lives. It's marketing you have to learn.

Target local clients first who is interested with your 3d Rendering Service

72% of consumers doing a local search are invited to the store within 5 miles, according to an article on Word Stream.

The highest quality of customers that you can have are local customers. They are the ones with the greatest intention of buying because your location is very convenient for them.

Tips on ways to target local clients:

  • Create content using localized, specific keywords on your website

  • Sign up on Local Directories

  • Ask for a review on your Google my business

Create a Social Media

Social media is a free and easy tool for 3d Rendering companies to contact people with their brands directly.

Here are the platforms you can use to post your 3d rendering works:

  • Facebook

  • Twitter

  • LinkedIn

  • Instagram

  • YouTube

  • Pinterest

  • Tumbler

Reach out on local companies

You have to ensure that you always take the correct actions to bring about long-term success if you want to be successful on the market. It is important that new customers are reached and done cleverly.

The following are the best ways to reach new customers in the local community interested in 3d Rendering service.

  • Work with other local companies

  • Advertising

  • Direct Mailing

  • Attend local conference

  • Local Meetups

4. Spy on your competitors

When spying your competition there are dozens of factors to consider – for what are they doing, what do they do on social media, should there be a new platform?

It can be overwhelming, but see what works and what can't be achieve on your long-term success.

See the list below for more information on how to spy on the competition:

Follow their blogs and profiles on social media

Companies are announcing new features, publishing product updates and other notices to provide you with insight on what they are doing.

Find out the technology they use

Sometimes you simply know that something, for example marketing, improves the competitor.

Check their sample Architectural 3d Rendering Works and make yours better

You can learn both from their successes and failures by paying close attention to your competition's 3d Rendering works. Indeed, at the end of the day you could indirectly take responsibility for the next big thing yourself learns from your competitors. The whole thing is to be careful about what you do, so that you can do it better.

5. Register your company

If you would like to protect your Architectural 3d Rendering Service business' longevity, it is important to register your business name as a trademark. Who knows if somebody can use your company name as well? It happened before. And if you do, you'll need to spend additional time and money changing your websites and marketing materials and eventually combating legal action, confusing customers.

Why you should have a business license:

  • Extra revenue, additional exposure

  • Business licenses also protect your right to operate and do your work.

Business licenses are generally available to hold everybody accountable. You can demonstrate to the government that you run a legitimate business

6. Target clients and projects that are trending in your local or country

Identify the right clients

The art in the office of a doctors is probably quite different from what you're going to find in a local boutique or clothing shop. Consider how aesthetics your art is suitable for and determine the companies you're approaching when strategizing prospective customers.

List of clients an Architectural 3d Rendering service studio can target:

  • Real Estate Marketing

A finished building through 3d Rendering providing exterior 3d rendering and interior design 3d rendering, square footage numbers and a detailed breakdown between up front and lifetime costs of a property were, hopefully, the only tangible tools Real Estate personnel had to encourage their listings. The dream of potential and opportunities without visual help had to be hard for sale to customers who didn't have the most active imagination.

  • Architects

This technology changes the manner in which we design, just 15 years ago, was not possible. 3D rendering and architectural display software allow architects and designers to evaluate the 'proportions' and 'scales' of light, ventilation and acoustic systems in internal environments with an intuitive interactive 3D model.

  • Interior designers

Interior Designers can express these designs perfectly and effortlessly to prospective customers with flawless, crispy and perfect interior decorations. 3D interior perspective rendering designs can help you to build a better relationship with your customers in addition to boosting your marketing activities.

It is almost a matter of bringing the visions and ideas of your customers to life in the world of interior design.

This was not so easy in the past, unfortunately. Sketching and making tiny models, mainly by hand, would take weeks or even months. It was a time-consuming, boring and expensive process, you can imagine.

  • Kitchen companies

Home owners want their kitchen to be highly practical and not only stylish. You must also see that space was exclusively designed to suit your taste. They can also ensure that all their demands are satisfied with 3d rendering. With a 3-dimensional view, a kitchen designer can easily demonstrate to the homeowners that the kitchen is beautiful.

This is very achievable as long as you are persistent in working with your passion at the same time putting a really good work in your marketing will surely produce an achievement.

Now to Summarize here are the quick effective 6 steps you can follow to Start an Architectural 3d Rendering studio without spending too much money:

1. Make your own collection of 3d Rendered image using free 3d Software.

2. Make a free website.

3. Market your 3d Rendering service.

4. Spy on your competitors.

5. Register your company.

6. Target clients and projects that are trending in your local or country.

If you have any questions feel free to visit us here at RENDER3DSTATION

You can also browse some of the latest news and 3d Rendering images.

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