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5 Steps for the Best Visual 3D Rendering Image for Retail, Mall and Commercial Stores

Updated: Apr 14, 2021

5 Steps for the Best Visual 3D Rendering Image for Retail, Mall and Commercial Stores

If you're planning to build a commercial establishment or any retail projects like restaurants, bar, mall store, you should hire a 3d Rendering company to make 3D rendering of your project; you can't just draw or model your concept. You should be creative and contemporary as an architect or an owner.

Now we will feature two of our Commercial 3d Rendering project which is the restaurant and Clinic 3d Rendering, and hopefully you will learn something from this.

What is a commercial and retail space 3d Rendering Visualization?

'commercial establishment' means a commercial establishment, such as a bar, restaurant, private office, fitness club, oil plant, retail store, banking or other financial institution, a supermarket, car dealer or boat dealer, or any other establishment with a common trade area.

Commercial 3D rendering can be split into several sectors, but it is grouped into two major categories. This is 3D exterior commercial rendering and 3D interior commercial rendering. Whether you'd like to work on a shopping center's architectural project or create a unique shop space design, a photorealistic 3d rendering with good quality visualization is will be a big help. It increases the interest in your projects and reduce the number of issues that arise from the time- and attraction of capital when you use 3D Rendering for commercial purposes.

What are the sample images of Commercial 3d rendering visualization?


See this LINK for more images of commercial 3d rendering

How do we make a really good Commercial 3d Rendering visualization image?

Photorealist commercial 3d rendering visualization offer a lower cost alternative to quality-free photography. Companies can create realistic images with less effort and cost, using 3D rendering. The results look excellent and make it highly versatile.

Now here are the list for a good quality Commercial 3d rendering visualization:

1. Make a good 3d Model Form or Shape

When doing a 3d modelling for a commercial projects, the first thing you want to think about is the whole form of what you want to create. This may sound obvious, but it's the most important but it's also the hardest part. Perhaps it's the furniture's in the restaurants or a the bed on a spa room - just a few shapes are difficult to put together. The fact that complex forms are always a combination of simple forms should be kept in mind when dealing with them.

2. Select a High Quality Texture Material

A truly important aspect of producing high-quality Commercial 3d Rendering is a solid foundation with high-quality materials. While that might be obvious I saw so many renderers with low resolution textures or low poly assets that the render does not look like the low poly style. A material of high quality adds a huge boost to a good 3D renderings. In a projects with high amount of furniture and laminates and tiles. It would be an obvious fake cartoonish image using a low quality image texture material.

Here are the list of best websites offering high quality free textures:

3. Produce a Good 3d Model Items

More than the eye can initially meet, 3d model items are being added to a Commercial 3D rendering visualization. Besides the scale of the interior and the functionality indicated, the style, color and texture of the furniture itself can have a drastic effect on the perception of the design. It's high time you put resources into collecting high-quality 3d model items that bump your commercial 3d rendering project design into its aesthetic appeal.

List of free 3d Model resource:

4. Set a Good 3d Render Setting

In most cases, default 3d rendering settings should be of good enough with any 3d rendering software, so that they do not have to be changed usually. However, additional rendering tweaks may be required in some special cases. No "universal" settings are available that always deliver the best results.

Things to consider on your Commercial 3d Render settings:

  • The Resolution or size of the Image (current trend is at 4k image size settings)

  • Image Exposure or brightness

  • Camera settings (check 3d model alignment)

  • Contrast and Saturation

  • Color Mood (can be applied on post processing)

5. Finalize your Rendering by Post Processing

It is the stage in which 3D renderings are produced and processed using special programs or image editing software. This stage is often done when the rendering image is exported.

The post production process is the final 3D rendering output process, in which we modify colours and add shadows. For all 3d rendering, it is a very important process, especially for Commercial 3d Rendering Visualization.

Things to consider in post processing your Commercial 3d Rendered image:

  • You have set up global lighting or caustics, which will be much faster than they would have if you were to use your rendering engine.

  • Add volume lights or effects such as haze, fog or rainbows.

  • Manual blurs for such things as heat distortion.

  • Changing the look of your shadow pass.

  • Emphasize the look of your reflection pass

Here are the list of free editing image software for you commercial 3d rendering visualization post processing:

To summarize here are the quick list to achieve a good quality Commercial 3d rendering image of your project:

1. Make a good 3d Model Form or Shape

2. Select a High Quality Texture Material

3. Produce a Good 3d Model Items

4. Set a Good 3d Render Setting

5. Finalize your Rendering by Post Processing

For more information and sample Commercial 3d Rendering visualization. Visit us at Render3dstation

Render3dstation, is an Architectural 3d Rendering studio based in Metro Vancouver Canada that specialises in renderings for a variety of projects. We use a variety of methods and technologies to make images that are as good as or better than reality.

Render3dstation has been on this service for a long time. Because we meet all industry standards and more, we are qualified to handle architectural renders. Our work is of exceptional quality! Our studio is involved in a wide range of projects, including hospitality, residential, industrial, commercial and even product design.

The commercial renders we create as part of our business are discussed in this article.

We create renderings of commercial developments like retail stores, shopping malls, office spaces, boutiques, and any other type of business establishment.

We effectively solve representation problems by employing imagery skills that stand out from the crowd in a spectacular manner. If you haven't thought about the interior design yet, we can include it in our proposal and contribute our imagination at any stage. We have the expertise and skills to make any space look beautiful through interior design.

If you'd like to see more of our work visit this link - , where you'll find many of our projects, or contact us and we'll show you even more.

If you can't find what you're looking for, please contact us to set up an appointment and we'll see what we can do! We know we have the potential to be a fantastic! We look forward to working with you to bring your architectural projects to life. We have the 3D rendering you require!

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