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Render3dStation is serving Greater Vancouver & Canada Wide, Surrey based 3D rendering studio. Having a background in architecture and been passionate to show design & visualization skills by creating high-quality Architectural, Interior 3d Perspective Rendering & Animation which has been a big part in showing presentation these days. Confident and proud of how quick the turnover to the clients throughout Canada. With the use of latest technology and software working closely with clients to give the realistic 3D Visuals. High quality 3D rendering help you with the project presentation and marketing needs.  Been in the business for a while and manage to build private clients, especially architects.

Excited to build and focus on trades including:

Property Developers
Interior Designers
Realty Agents
Advertising Agencies
Private Companies



Why choose Render3dstation?


By laying out the truth about services, including limitations, it is proven flaws & defects is hidden. Transparency is a key way of creating trust. Loved to communicate as this helps understand what the client wants  and establish a connection. 


Very proud of having a background in architecture and been trusted on this line of business, especially with the details being presented in the drawings. Very understanding what the designers intention knowing how important the details should be incorporated into the images. Respect revisions and is important to give the client the final output as what they wanted. Time plays a big part, so doing the best in helping you with your timeline.


It is so important to see the projects drawing into reality before constructing it as it gives everyone an idea on how it should look like. 3d Rendered image also adds value to the project when done properly as it gives you the confidence to present everything from colour to specific materials and the whole design concept. Having an animation as well adds luxury to the presentation bringing your design into life.

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